Self-Store FAQ's


Get answers to frequently asked questions about self-storage and how it works.

What is self-storage?
Self- Storage are selection of rooms in different sizes ours range from 15 sq ft to 150 sq ft, where you can bring your goods or possessions and lock them in your room and come and go as you please during opening hours. You are the key holder.
Our storage centre has fully trained staff who would be happy to show you around and answer any queries you may have, you can also give us a call or email us and we will be happy to answer your questions or provide you with a quote.

How does self-store Work?
You can store your goods for a minimum of 7 days and for as long as you need. We do require 7 day’s notice to leave.

What Kind of security is in Ebbsfleet self-store?
We take the security of your goods extremely seriously. Our centre has:
1) Individual access code
2) Internal & External CCTV
3) Individually alarmed units with individual access code
4) Only you have the keys to your unit
As you are the only one with access to your room, you are required to bring a Padlock to secure your room.

Do I need my own padlock?
Yes, you need your own padlock to ensure that you are the sole key holder for your room and to ensure that your room is securely locked at all times.

How much does it cost to store with Ebbsfleet self-store?
The prices are determined by the size of the room you require. The rental charge is calculated according to the floor area of the storage room, the smaller the floor area the less you will pay. There is a pricing section on our website which you can refer to.

What is the minimum rental period?
The minimum rental period is one week. You can store for as long as you want, there is no maximum rental period. We do require 7 days notice to leave.

What is included in the price – are there any hidden extras?
You will need a padlock to secure your room and your goods need to be insured whilst they are in storage. Please ask for a quote on insurance, this will depend on the value of your goods stored.

What do I need to rent a storage unit?
Two forms of ID are required one of which must be a photo ID (passport or driving licence); and a utility bill less than 3 months old. Payment of the first invoice must be made prior to moving in.

What kind of payment methods are available?
Most of our customers choose to pay via go cardless. We also accept credit and debit cards or bank transfer.

Why do I need insurance?
Your goods must be insured whilst in storage with us. Our insurance covers you for fire, flood and total loss only.

Do you have trolleys and lift available?
Yes, we have trolleys and a lift which customers can use free of charge.

What is the procedure for entering and exciting the premises?
You are required to give us an 8 digit code which we then set up on our security system and this code is needed to enter and exit the self-store, you must enter the code upon arrival and exiting the building for your goods to be insured and for us to know your movements in the self-store.

What items cannot be stored?
We do not permit the storage of:
• Illegal substances or goods
• Currency
• Fuel tanks must be drained
• Food or perishable goods
• Items that omit fumes or odours
• Flammable substances (paint, petrol, oil, solvents, etc)